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Top 10 Flies for Trout Fishing
Top 10 Flies for Trout Fishing

Top 10 Flies for Trout Fishing

Thinking of doing some fishing over the upcoming
holiday season? The trout is a beautiful fish with iridescent skin, and tasty pink
flesh. So, whether you’re fishing to feed your family or simply for the thrill
of the catch, your fly fishing experience is certainly improved when you
encounter a trout. While time and location are important factors when it comes
to catching trout, the right tackle is also a key factor – especially when it
comes to the flies you use.

But which are the best flies for catching this
fickle fish? Let’s take a look at some of our favorites…



This distinctive looking rabbit fur fly is one
of the most effective in engaging the attention of curious trout, with better
visibility and movement below the surface. One look at a Bunny Leech or any
other rabbit fur fly and you can see why it’s more likely to draw a fish’s eye.


Parachute Adams

Any seasoned fly fisherman knows that the
Adams is one of the most quintessential flies on the market. The Parachute
is often lauded for its versatility and ability to mimic all kinds of
underwater prey from leeches to nymphs.

Colorful and eye catching, they’re appealing
to trout and pretty much everything else in the water.


Hare’s Ear

A tungsten or gold threaded Hare’s Ear is
another highly versatile lure which can pass for anything from a caddis fly, to
a scud, to a mayfly. This versatility combined with it’s eye catching sheen, make
it irresistible to hungry trout.


Crayfish Fly

While less widely used and quintessential than
the Adams or the Hare’s Ear, the Crayfish is nonetheless a worthy piece of
tackle, especially if you’re fishing for speckled sea trout. Any
self-respecting salt water fish is going to be drawn by crustacean shaped



Muddler Minnow

While it’s cousin – the Clouser Minnow, may be
the most popular and versatile fly, we find that trout tend to be more readily
lured by the Muddler.


Soft Hackle

The Soft Hackle’s spindly legs, and brightly
colored body, make it a great addition to any set of wet flies. Able to imitate
a wide number of insect species, we consistently get good results with this


Pheasant Tail Nymph

This sinking nymph fly works on the same
principles as the Hare’s Ear, but is a little less ostentatious. If nearby trout
aren’t going for the flashier Hare’s Ear, you may have better luck with this
more diminutive fly.


Elk Hair Caddis

Quite possibly the best dry fly on the market – the Elk Hair Caddis is wildly popular and readily available due to it’s
realistic appearance and incredible versatility.


San Juan Worm

A sadly overlooked lure, the San Juan Worm’s
bright red hue and distinctive appearance make it highly effective in snagging


Woolly Bugger

And finally – this distinctive fly is as
successful below the surface as the Parachute Adams is above it. Available in a
wide variety of colors, it can pose effectively as all kinds of underwater prey
making it virtually irresistible to trout.


For more information on our favorite flies and
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About the Author

Matthew Bernhardt, a third-generation
Coloradan, grew up at the forefront of the state’s fly-fishing revolution,
enjoying time on the water side by side with experienced guides and lifelong

By combining his passion for fly-fishing with
input from other experienced fly-fishers, guides, and his fine arts degree
from Colorado State University – Matthew spent five years carefully developing
the Drifthook Fly Fishing System, built to help every angler catch more trout.

When he’s not spending time with his wonderful
family, you’ll find him out on the water catching MONSTER trout, and he
anxiously looks forward to the day when his kids are old enough to join him

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