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Insect Repellant
Insect Repellant

CAMPING GEAR | Obliterate Flying Insects In Your Tent With The Nomad Insect-o-cutor – Review

What is it? Nomad Insect-O-Cutor LED Fly Killer Camping Lantern RRP: $44.99 Stockists Features Run time: 18 hours. Splash proof for outdoor use. Electric grid– to offer protection against flying and biting insects. Dual green and blue UV LED technology– to attract a wider range of flying insects. Collapsible design– this makes the product perfect for travel and can be used as a hanging light with adjustable brightness. Adjustable brightness– 200 lumens lamp feature. USB rechargeable. Guaranteed for 2 years. [embedded content] What we thought…

CAMPING | Hot Weather Camping Essential(ish) Gear for Summer Camping Trips

With the glorious summer weather set to continue, if you’re planning on going camping any time soon, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right gear and accessories with you for an enjoyable break. We’ve rounded up some hot weather camping essentials, many of them tried and tested by us over the last few years.