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Storing Potatoes Long Term Without a Root Cellar

Potatoes are a fantastic self-sufficient crop to grow in the home garden. They’re versatile and until it freezes, you can simply harvest them as needed. But, once the cold weather hits and freezing temperatures threaten, you’ll have to dig them up. Successfully storing potatoes all winter is fairly easy, as long as you follow a few simple tips. To store potatoes for the year, you’ll want to properly cure them, then keep them at the correct temperature, and keep moisture levels down. All things that are plentiful in a root cellar, but a lot of us don’t have access to …

How to Harvest and Store Sweet Potatoes

Everything You Need to Know About How to Harvest and Store Sweet Potatoes Here’s everything you need to know about how to harvest and store sweet potatoes! You planted the sweet potato slips, watched, and waited while they grew… now what? There are a few surefire ways to tell when your sweet potato plants are ready for harvest – and a couple of things you absolutely need to do to store sweet potatoes all winter long!