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Trip Report – Backpacking Mount Elden and SOTA Activation

What’s on your adventure bucket list? For me, I’ve long wanted to combine two of my favorite hobbies: backpacking and amateur radio. Years ago I stumbled upon videos by Steve, WG0AT on YouTube. His simple adventures appealed to me. Packing just the essentials and using rudimentary (by today’s digital standards) electronics and techniques — including Morse code and a simple wire for an antenna — Steve (along with his goats!) would visit amazing locations and proceed to make contacts thousands of miles away. I learned later that these mountaintop adventures were part of a sport called SOTA — Summits on …

Trip Report – Hammock Camping on Humphreys Peak

September 4-5, 2020 It’s the tallest mountain in Arizona. And it’s volcanic (No, not active!). Well, every mountain around Flagstaff is volcanic in origin. In fact, I think Flagstaff is home to all five different types of volcanoes. The area is peppered with hundreds of cinder cones, but Humphreys Peak dominates the horizon in an otherwise flat expanse across the Colorado Plateau. At 12,637 feet with a prominence of 6,039 feet, the peak is an impressive site, so it’s no wonder it’s a popular destination for peak baggers and day hikers, as well as sacred to several native tribes.