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Be Prepared with the SOL Emergency Bivvy Bag

Be prepared for the unknown with the Emergency Bivvy Bag from Survive Outdoors Longer. You may be a seasoned outdoorsman, but never know when you might get lost, hurt, or stuck in bad weather, and you need some emergency shelter. These situations typically happen very quickly, and there isn’t often time to build a shelter. In a case like this, or if you find yourself needing additional shelter, this piece of gear could save you. This bivvy bag is made for emergencies: the color will make you visible to others and the whistle included will help you to be heard.

Made from tear-resistant, aluminum-coated polyethylene, this bivvy reflects 90% of your body heat back to you, providing life-saving warmth, and is sealed to protect you from wind, rain, and snow. Ultralight and compact, the Emergency Bivvy XL easily fits two people, meaning you can pack one bivvy bag as protection for both of you. At only 5.8 oz., this two person bivvy is a small yet potentially life-saving addition to your survival gear, car, home, bike bag, hiking pack, and camping gear.

When turned inside out, the bivvy bag doubles as an emergency blanket, so you can wrap yourself in it’s heat reflective warmth while setting up camp, watching soccer games, or enjoying the stars. With this bivvy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared with the emergency shelter that has saved lives in the harshest outdoor conditions.Read more“Be Prepared with the SOL Emergency Bivvy Bag”

Garlic Herb Compound Butter with Garlic Scapes

This garlic herb compound butter blend uses scapes from your garden instead of garlic cloves, but is still absolutely delicious and perfect on top of steaks or on bread.

Compound butter is one of my favorite things to have on hand simply because it makes it so much easier to grab a pat and throw it on a cob of fresh sweet corn or atop a delicious grilled steak.

We usually make it with cloves of garlic and some fresh herbs, but since I just harvested our garlic scapes, I wanted to use them up in a few different ways. So, I made a pound of this compound butter, some garlic herb salt, and some garlic scape powder by dehydrating a little of it.

What is compound butter?

Read more“Garlic Herb Compound Butter with Garlic Scapes”

Outdoor Lighting – How To Choose From A Large Variety

Open-air lights are intended to bring your indoor living outside. They are utilized for nursery and grass improvements, among other things. Outside lights are ideally suited for sunrooms and covered porches. They are advantageous for assisting individuals with continuing to play out every one of their outside exercises, for example, playing any sports activity on a dark, cloudy day or after the sun has already set. Open-air lights are tough, yet lovely.

Outside lights can be purchased with channels that are daintily hued and look like venue lights. They are also known as Portables, since they can be effortlessly placed anywhere there is a power plug to plug into.Read more“Outdoor Lighting – How To Choose From A Large Variety”

Simple Ideas for Outdoor Patio Designs

The increasing popularity of outdoor living and casual lifestyles has given tremendous attention to patios, outdoor decking, and various patio designs.

It has become extremely obvious that in today’s busy working climate and lifestyle, that modern men and women from all over the world have taken a keen interest in adapting their home living towards a more outdoor kind of lifestyle and this is mostly achieved with the use of patio designs that incorporate people’s individual taste and flair.  As modern living and consumables are constantly evolving and shaping to adapt to people’s lifestyles, so has pricing, as well as methods of how to achieve certain effects. Patio designs outside your home have become more affordable while remaining true to people’s unique tastes and budgets.Read more“Simple Ideas for Outdoor Patio Designs”

Outdoor Design Ideas with Movable Garden Structures

Creating an outdoor living area that changes to meet your needs might be easier than you think. We’ll explain how you can quickly and easily redecorate your outdoor space with the use of some movable garden structures.

Designing an outdoor living area can be daunting, particularly when you feel like every decorating decision you make is set in stone. However, it is possible to create an outdoor space that can be changed slightly with movable garden structures. When we think of movable outdoor objects, we typically think of our patio furniture, bird feeders, and birdbaths. All these items can be moved around to change the look or feel of your yard; however, there are a variety of other outdoor structures that can provide beauty and function because of their mobility.Read more“Outdoor Design Ideas with Movable Garden Structures”

How to Choose an Outdoor Fireplace For Your Backyard

Making fires outdoors is not just a primordial instinct. Homeowners have the campfire bug and it just seems to keep growing. With the trend towards creating outdoor living spaces and spending more time outside relaxing or entertaining friends, garden accessories such as an outdoor hearth make the backyard experience that much more enjoyable. However, it is important before you shop around for an outdoor fireplace, that you check with your local city hall or firehouse to learn about all necessary codes and restrictions.Read more“How to Choose an Outdoor Fireplace For Your Backyard”

Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

There are so many things to consider when designing an outdoor living space for your home. If you want to get the most out of your living space, you’ve got to do some planning in advance. This article will help set you on the right track with some questions to ask yourself while in the planning stages.Read more“Planning Your Outdoor Living Space”

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