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Living Off-Grid on a Tiny House Homestead for 6 Years

Ariel has been homesteading and living off-grid in a 24′ x 8′ tiny house for 6 years! She grows, forages and preserves as much of her own food as possible.  She cuts her own firewood, carries her own water, generates electricity with solar, and cooks with propane. She is a passionate backpacker and wildlife photographer who works part-time on a ranch in exchange for a place to park her small home, and she also works a variety of jobs to earn money, although her expenses are very low since she isn’t paying rent – and since she managed to pay off the tiny house several years ago.Read more“Living Off-Grid on a Tiny House Homestead for 6 Years”

5 Tips for Ice Fishing With Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner who loves the outdoors, chances are that you take your dog on every adventure you can. In the summer, you can often just grab a few things and take off. The winter is a different story, however, and in this video – Barb Carey is talking specifically about ice fishing. Barb is the founder of Women On Ice, a group that helps introduce women to the sport of ice fishing.Read more“5 Tips for Ice Fishing With Your Dog”

5 Tips for Enjoying the Outdoors All Winter Long

When the temperature drops, people start to spend more time inside because…it’s cold? The cold weather shouldn’t stop you from hanging out with friends and family outside. With a few simple preparations, you can prevent yourself from becoming a couch potato this winter, and hey – the fresh is good for you, right? Jenny Anderson from Women On Ice shares five tips for enjoying the outdoors all winter long.

Read more“5 Tips for Enjoying the Outdoors All Winter Long”

GEAR | Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Outdoor Adventures

Guest Post

You might be wondering whether hiking & camping shoes are the same thing, and the short answer is no. The holy grail for campers is to find a multi-purpose shoe that’s not only comfortable as well as practical to wear inside a tent and around the campsite, but that also performs when it’s time to hit the trails.

Loom footwear

Read more“GEAR | Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Outdoor Adventures”

Honey Whiskey Cider for Cold Winter Nights

Here’s an easy recipe you can toss in the flask for a cold winter day. Yes, we know that alcohol doesn’t “warm you up” when it’s cold outside, so enjoy in moderation and use your head.

This one is pretty straightforward folks! All you need is:
– 6 c of apple cider
– 2 c of your favorite whiskey
– 2 Tbsp of honey
– Optional – cinnamon sticks

Heat it all up and kick back around a bonfire for a glorious winter evening!

Serve it up!

6 Mistakes to AVOID When Buying Raw Land for a HOMESTEAD

One of the biggest questions that I get asked on all of our videos is

I like your house but how do you actually buy the land to put your house on it.

Well, buying the land… that’s an easy thing. But, whenever you’re spending this much money to purchase real estate, you need to make sure that you do not make certain mistakes – and that’s what we’re talking about today.

We’re going over the top six mistakes to avoid when purchasing raw land for your homestead.

The first mistake that you want to avoid when buying raw land for your homestead, is buying land that is too close or too far away from your amenities.

To check all the mistakes, please watch the video 🙂

And one more hint: The biggest tip we can suggest when building on actual land, is to spend a few years living on the property before building your long term home. Experience a couple seasons and get familiar with how the land sits and settles.

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3 Things to Make with Dandelion Roots this Fall – Including Caffeine-Free Coffee

Fall is here, and it’s time to pick the dandelions!

Oh, folks, fall is finally here; isn’t it lovely? No more back and forth, with one day in the high 70’s and the next – rainy and cold. Fall has settled in to stay.

And that means everyone is hurrying to bring in the last few tomatoes and get their winter squash picked and stored. It means you’re nearly done canning, and the holidays are just around the corner.Read more“3 Things to Make with Dandelion Roots this Fall – Including Caffeine-Free Coffee”

NEWS | Princeton Tec Handheld Torch Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

🕒 2-3 minute read

The festive season is fast approaching and leading outdoor brand, Princeton Tec’s latest range of practical, lightweight and robust handheld torches will be a welcome addition to loved ones’ Christmas stockings – keeping them safe with reliable illumination on the move this winter.

 Princeton Tec Handheld Torch Christmas Gift Ideas For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Read more“NEWS | Princeton Tec Handheld Torch Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts”

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