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NEWS | Be a Happy Camper with Fabsil’s Tent Care Tips
NEWS | Be a Happy Camper with Fabsil’s Tent Care Tips

NEWS | Be a Happy Camper with Fabsil’s Tent Care Tips

With tent sales up more than 70% on pre-COVID levels*, camping is looking like the holiday of choice for those opting for staycations, rather than heading abroad this year.

You’ve got all the gear – your tent and camp furniture is all packed, but what is often overlooked is the importance of proofing and caring for your tent.

According to Fabsil, one of the main reasons consumers throw away their tents, is due to leakage – something that is easily avoided if correct steps are taken to look after it.

Fabsil is the waterproofing solution brand of choice for all outdoors and adventurers alike. Providing high-performing and effective after-care products for over 50 years, it is the go-to for these types of solutions.

Fabsil’s Tent Care Kit is a must-have addition to any camping box this summer. A complete care package for your tent and outdoor gear, so you can spend less time worrying about the predictably unpredictable weather and more time enjoying your adventure. Also perfect for those looking to resurrect and rejuvenate a music festival tent after two years in storage.

In this handy kit, you have everything you need to look after your tent and outdoor equipment. The kit includes Fabsil’s Tent + Gear Cleaner, an easy-to-use sponge-on powerful cleaner that removes dirt, dust, pollen, and all other impairing purities.

In addition, you’re provided with Fabsil’s 1 litre Universal Protector; a high-performance waterproofing treatment, specially formulated for fabrics regularly exposed to the elements. It is perfect for guaranteeing ultimate protection, even in the wettest of weather conditions.

A spokesperson for Fabsil also recommended these top tips for taking care
of tent and outdoor equipment in order to prolong it’s life, and ensure
optimum performance from your

  • Always check your tent for rips, or damage to seams, and repair before treating
  • Clean your tent before reproofing, as this may restore any existing repellence
  • Ensure you treat your tent when clean and dry
  • Apply extra proofing to areas prone to abrasion and seams
  • Allow to fully dry before packing away
  • Always test your tent before you head outdoors with it
  • A quick clean and reproof will ensure that the weather doesn’t dampen your staycation
  • If you’re not worried
    about the rain, it’s always worth keeping it protected from UV rays,
    and who knows if the weather might change

Fabsil’s Tent Care Kit is priced at $23.95 and is available at and on


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