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GLAMPING | Our Colorful Crazy Glamping Micro Wedding Featured by Rock n’ Roll Bride
GLAMPING | Our Colorful Crazy Glamping Micro Wedding Featured by Rock n’ Roll Bride

GLAMPING | Our Colorful Crazy Glamping Micro Wedding Featured by Rock n’ Roll Bride

Our cake designer described our cake as a “dinosaur disco wedding cake” which is a great introduction to the sense of playful irreverence we injected into our big (small) wedding day. Read on to find out all about our DIY glamping micro wedding held earlier this year.

Like countless other couples, Covid-19 wreaked havoc with our wedding plans. We didn’t want to postpone for another year, but we equally couldn’t face cutting our guest list down by more than half to meet the 30 wedding guest rule in place at the time.

To keep our originally planned date, we decided to do things in a totally different way and canceled all previously made plans, deciding instead to do an immediate family-only micro wedding. And so a glamping wedding became the perfect alternative option for us.

We decided to do the legal bit at the local registry office followed by Champagne afternoon tea, just as we had originally planned to do. Then we chose to have a ring exchange ceremony and wedding breakfast the following day with our family.

Despite legally getting married on June 4th and having a couple of family members as witnesses (at the time only 2 witnesses were allowed under Covid rules), we viewed the much more personal ring exchange the following day as our ‘real’ wedding, though moving forward it means we have the perfect excuse to celebrate all future anniversaries over 2 days instead of just 1!

Finding the Ideal Venue

When it came to choosing a venue for our micro wedding, of course, where else could a camping and glamping blogger get married other than on a glamping site?

We previously got engaged at our favorite campsite and having stayed at the lovely Glamping Thorpe in the past, (keeping the camping and glamping theme going), the new party barn rentals at Glamping Thorpe looked like the ideal venue for our scaled-down wedding plans.

Once we had settled on our new venue, we then set about finding a chef – huge shout out to the wonderful Dishan at Dine Indulge – and planning the flow of the day, drinks and of course, the all-important venue decorations!

Looking at wedding suppliers was largely a depressing affair of white and ivory blandness. Type in “wedding decorations” or “wedding anything” really, and it was the same things we were seeing over and over again. Nothing colorful, nothing quirky, and nothing that felt like it was ‘us’.

It made sense then to leave the bland world of generic weddings behind and get creative! Thanks to my love of crafting I decided to make things and set out to find alternative vendors who shared our colorful creative vision.

I created our wedding arch backdrop, made countless leopard print pom poms, yarn bead chair tassels, bunting, I made myself a crazy pom pom and flower hairband (not the one shown in these pics, that one came from Zedhead on Etsy) and I even made the cake topper and had friends help me make the dinosaurs.

The day was absolutely wonderful and so authentic to us. The food was incredible, much love going out to the wonderful Dishan at Dine Indulge for that! We created a signature cocktail for the day which included old-fashioned lemonade and raspberry ripple gin which we called a Cosmic Sweet Shop.

We spent our wedding day with our nearest and dearest and thanks to such small numbers, we really got to spend quality time with everyone and enjoy ourselves. Our best friends who of course couldn’t be there, put together a video message for us and I hadn’t cried up to that point, but it was such an unexpected and lovely gesture that it set me off.

We are so glad we went ahead with our scaled-down plans and it was an extra little bonus that our day was covered by Rock n Roll bride too! The weather couldn’t have been better and it was the perfect ultra chilled micro glamping wedding.

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