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GEAR | Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Outdoor Adventures
GEAR | Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Outdoor Adventures

GEAR | Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Outdoor Adventures

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You might be wondering whether hiking & camping shoes are the same thing, and the short answer is no. The holy grail for campers is to find a multi-purpose shoe that’s not only comfortable as well as practical to wear inside a tent and around the campsite, but that also performs when it’s time to hit the trails.

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It might seem reasonable to use a single pair of sturdy multi-purpose shoes on every backpacking or camping trip. After all, if you find something that’s comfortable to wear, why not wear them all the time? But, here’s the thing – camping typically involves less walking than a day out in the hills hiking or backpacking. So, heaps of technical features could make for a more rigid, less comfortable shoe that could be overkill whilst you’re at the campsite.

Hiking shoes are specialist footwear used for traversing harsher terrain. Those are typically stockier boots in the winter or a lighter pair of sturdy shoes during other seasons. However, by the time you reach the destination, the hiking shoes are probably sweaty, and your feet might be sore from the trip.

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That’s why it’s typically recommended to use different footwear for camp activities. But these shoes, sneakers, sandals or whatever you favor, will still need to satisfy some essential criteria.

First, they have to be breathable. If you intend to keep your feet inside shoes or socks from sunrise to bedtime, you have to give them some time to breathe. For that reason, make some spare room in your camping bags for a pair of sandals or lighter trail shoes. Breathability is probably the most important factor to consider when buying new shoes.

Second, you still have to hike in them at some stage. Perhaps to fetch water or gather supplies. There’s always something to do and places to go. That’s why you need a shoe that’s practical to wear in nature.

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Third, they have to be water-resistant. The shoes have to be useful for small river crossings during the camping trip and dry fast enough to remain comfortable without taking them off. Heavy hiking boots, for example, will just get wetter and heavier as the day goes on, making them a chore to wear after a while.

Finally, the shoe has to be comfortable and light. A lighter shoe that hugs the feet and doesn’t put a lot of strain on the ankles is best. Consider these shoes the middle ground between wearing standard hiking boots and going barefoot. Camping shoes are typically stored in your rucksack, so consider how much you’re willing to pack for every trip.

There are many options for hikers to choose from when picking out camping shoes. Between sandals, light sneakers, trail shoes, and even crocs, every shoe has it’s upsides and shortcomings, so what you’re really looking for is a shoe that performs double duty.

Campers typically want something that provides great levels of comfort, whilst also benefitting one of the technical features more often associated with a dedicated hiking shoe, and that’s where Loom Footwear manages to bridge the gap perfectly.

Loom footwear

They are incredibly light and breathable thanks to the use of Merino wool, which has excellent heat and moisture-wicking properties. Loom shoes are also anti-bacterial, helping keep your feet pong-free and healthy.

If you don’t want to have to pack multiple different items of footwear and prefer to use camping shoes as your main hiking shoes, consider getting a durable pair that are comfortable to wear around the campsite, yet still provide enough support for hikes.

You can find out more and check out the benefits of versatile camping and hiking shoes at, Loom Footwear.

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