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GEAR | Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Outdoor Adventures

Guest Post You might be wondering whether hiking & camping shoes are the same thing, and the short answer is no. The holy grail for campers is to find a multi-purpose shoe that’s not only comfortable as well as practical to wear inside a tent and around the campsite, but that also performs when it’s time to hit the trails.

NEWS | Princeton Tec Handheld Torch Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

🕒 2-3 minute read The festive season is fast approaching and leading outdoor brand, Princeton Tec’s latest range of practical, lightweight and robust handheld torches will be a welcome addition to loved ones’ Christmas stockings – keeping them safe with reliable illumination on the move this winter.

25 Best Campgrounds Within Two Hours of Austin, Texas

We like our Austin as weird as it gets, but sometimes it can get a little weirder and wilder where the blacktop ends near this slice of Texan Heaven. Below are some excellent spots to get away from it all, within two hours of Austin. From boating, fishing, and hiking to taking steps through Texan history, there’s sure to be something for everyone on your upcoming camping trip. Get out, get weird, and enjoy some excellent campsites within two hours of Austin.

Trip Report – Backpacking Mount Elden and SOTA Activation

What’s on your adventure bucket list? For me, I’ve long wanted to combine two of my favorite hobbies: backpacking and amateur radio. Years ago I stumbled upon videos by Steve, WG0AT on YouTube. His simple adventures appealed to me. Packing just the essentials and using rudimentary (by today’s digital standards) electronics and techniques — including Morse code and a simple wire for an antenna — Steve (along with his goats!) would visit amazing locations and proceed to make contacts thousands of miles away. I learned later that these mountaintop adventures were part of a sport called SOTA — Summits on …

Review – OneTigris Kompound Hammock and Night Protector Under Quilt

OneTigris is a new company that came out swinging, with a full assortment of budget hammock gear, including a modular jungle hammock and synthetic under quilts. I’ve had a chance to review the KOMPOUND Hammock and matching Night Protector Under Quilt for several weeks. [embedded content] The hammock is small – roughly 9 x 4.2 feet, which is a little smaller, but around the same size as first-gen Hennessy Hammocks. It has a built-in, one-sided zippered bug net, mid-point tie-outs, and continuous loops on each end for suspension. The hammock comes standard with 1-inch x 10 ft daisy chain webbing …

Trip Report – Hammock Camping on Humphreys Peak

September 4-5, 2020 It’s the tallest mountain in Arizona. And it’s volcanic (No, not active!). Well, every mountain around Flagstaff is volcanic in origin. In fact, I think Flagstaff is home to all five different types of volcanoes. The area is peppered with hundreds of cinder cones, but Humphreys Peak dominates the horizon in an otherwise flat expanse across the Colorado Plateau. At 12,637 feet with a prominence of 6,039 feet, the peak is an impressive site, so it’s no wonder it’s a popular destination for peak baggers and day hikers, as well as sacred to several native tribes.

GEAR | Powapacs ION Portable Solar Powered Camping Power Pack – Review

If you’re on the look out for something compact and portable that will keep your essential electrical devices charged on camping trips, you might want to consider the Powapac ION. Read on for our full review and verdict.   What is it?

Be Prepared with the SOL Emergency Bivvy Bag

Be prepared for the unknown with the Emergency Bivvy Bag from Survive Outdoors Longer. You may be a seasoned outdoorsman, but never know when you might get lost, hurt, or stuck in bad weather, and you need some emergency shelter. These situations typically happen very quickly, and there isn’t often time to build a shelter. In a case like this, or if you find yourself needing additional shelter, this piece of gear could save you. This bivvy bag is made for emergencies: the color will make you visible to others and the whistle included will help you to be heard. …