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How and When to Prune Your Christmas Cactus (and Why You Need to)

Wait, you’re supposed to prune these things? If you’re a Rural Sprout regular, then it’s probably safe to say you know I’m a huge fan of Christmas cactuses. And by Christmas cactuses, I mean all varieties of schlumbergera – no matter when they bloom; Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter.

Living Off-Grid on a Tiny House Homestead for 6 Years

Ariel has been homesteading and living off-grid in a 24′ x 8′ tiny house for 6 years! She grows, forages and preserves as much of her own food as possible.  She cuts her own firewood, carries her own water, generates electricity with solar, and cooks with propane. She is a passionate backpacker and wildlife photographer who works part-time on a ranch in exchange for a place to park her small home, and she also works a variety of jobs to earn money, although her expenses are very low since she isn’t paying rent – and since she managed to pay …

3 Things to Make with Dandelion Roots this Fall – Including Caffeine-Free Coffee

Fall is here, and it’s time to pick the dandelions! Oh, folks, fall is finally here; isn’t it lovely? No more back and forth, with one day in the high 70’s and the next – rainy and cold. Fall has settled in to stay. And that means everyone is hurrying to bring in the last few tomatoes and get their winter squash picked and stored. It means you’re nearly done canning, and the holidays are just around the corner.

What Are Cover Crops For Gardens?

Using cover crops for gardens to promote soil health, is a time-honored part of homestead gardening. Choosing the right cover crop for the life of your soil may seem complicated, but once you’ve read through the information here – you’ll have a better idea of what’s right for your garden. Learn about the many benefits of planting cover crops, which types of cover crops may be best for your homestead, and a few pro tips too!

How to Save Pepper Seeds: Saving Seeds for Next Year

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Our garden is always full of a variety of peppers: green peppers, sweet peppers, hot peppers, you name it. They’re definitely one of our favorite crops to grow. Thankfully, it’s also one of the easiest to save seeds from. So, we don’t have to buy new seeds every year. If you’ve ever wondered how to save pepper seeds, read on! Why save pepper seeds?

Harvesting Lavender: A Guide for Harvesting, Pruning and Drying Lavender

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Lavender is a beautiful and fragrant plant. Harvesting and pruning it the right way can improve your plant longevity, and allow it to really flourish. Learning how to dry lavender opens up so many ways to use lavender. In this guide, we will discuss when to harvest it, how to prune, and basic drying methods.

How to Grow Lettuce

Lettuce is an easy to grow, cool weather loving, annual crop that should be included in every spring and fall garden. Learning how to grow lettuce is pretty straightforward, and these tips will have you harvesting an abundant supply of greens within one month, and full heads of lettuce within two. Lettuce is one of my favorite crops to grow because it tastes so much better, and has a higher nutrient content than store-bought alternatives. A packet of seeds can produce plenty of lettuce for your fresh salad needs, and if you harvest from the outer leaves of leafy varieties …

Storing Potatoes Long Term Without a Root Cellar

Potatoes are a fantastic self-sufficient crop to grow in the home garden. They’re versatile and until it freezes, you can simply harvest them as needed. But, once the cold weather hits and freezing temperatures threaten, you’ll have to dig them up. Successfully storing potatoes all winter is fairly easy, as long as you follow a few simple tips. To store potatoes for the year, you’ll want to properly cure them, then keep them at the correct temperature, and keep moisture levels down. All things that are plentiful in a root cellar, but a lot of us don’t have access to …

How to Harvest and Store Sweet Potatoes

Everything You Need to Know About How to Harvest and Store Sweet Potatoes Here’s everything you need to know about how to harvest and store sweet potatoes! You planted the sweet potato slips, watched, and waited while they grew… now what? There are a few surefire ways to tell when your sweet potato plants are ready for harvest – and a couple of things you absolutely need to do to store sweet potatoes all winter long!