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Take Your Kids Ice Fishing This Winter

Looking for another way to get your kids outdoors this winter? Bundle them up and head out to a frozen lake for a day of ice fishing. This is the second year I’ve taken my toddler-age son hardwater fishing and each time we go, we’re able to stay out a little bit longer than before. Like any outdoor activity you introduce to your child, preparation is key along with setting realistic expectations. Here are four ways to make sure your kids have an enjoyable time while ice fishing.

5 Tips for Ice Fishing With Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner who loves the outdoors, chances are that you take your dog on every adventure you can. In the summer, you can often just grab a few things and take off. The winter is a different story, however, and in this video – Barb Carey is talking specifically about ice fishing. Barb is the founder of Women On Ice, a group that helps introduce women to the sport of ice fishing.

Top 10 Flies for Trout Fishing

Thinking of doing some fishing over the upcoming holiday season? The trout is a beautiful fish with iridescent skin, and tasty pink flesh. So, whether you’re fishing to feed your family or simply for the thrill of the catch, your fly fishing experience is certainly improved when you encounter a trout. While time and location are important factors when it comes to catching trout, the right tackle is also a key factor – especially when it comes to the flies you use. But which are the best flies for catching this fickle fish? Let’s take a look at some of …

Pan-Fried Bluegill Recipe

Crispy on the outside, tender, flaky fish on the inside, this simple pan-fried bluegill recipe is reminiscent of old-fashioned flavor and perfect for stove or campfire for your fresh catch. We love to take the girls fishing. It’s so fun to sit back, toss in a line, and watch their faces light up when their bobber starts dunking into the water. So, we took them the other day to a local spot full of delicious bluegill. We all 5 caught a mess of them.  We brought them home, and then cleaned and fried them for dinner. So yummy.