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CAMPING | 5 Simple Tips for Camping Without Trouble in Hot and Cold Weather
CAMPING | 5 Simple Tips for Camping Without Trouble in Hot and Cold Weather

CAMPING | 5 Simple Tips for Camping Without Trouble in Hot and Cold Weather

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If you like to camp in the evening, then you need to be prepared for most weather conditions. Even in the summer months, it can get quite chilly after the sun goes down.

So for a great camping trip in any weather, what do you need to know in order to remain comfortable when camping?

Camping in hot and cold weather tips

1. Using Raised Firepits

Although you need to check whether open fires are allowed at the campsite you’re staying at, raised ones – which do not come into contact with the ground – are the safest option.

Not only do they mean the fire is that bit closer to you, but they also help to protect the earth beneath, and you should get your fire started around sunset before it starts to get too dark or chilly.

Chimneys are also good for keeping you warm in the evening, but remember to only use them away from awnings and tents for safety reasons.

You can also talk to local experts about getting a fire pit.


2. Sleep in a Bag Liner

Sleeping bags should be used on all camping trips. If you insert a cotton liner into yours, then you will also create an extra layer that will keep you warm on chilly nights. The advantage of a liner is that it will also help you to stay cool once the sun comes up. Unzip your sleeping bag to vent your body heat while remaining cozy inside the liner.


3. Pitch Your Tent in Shade

A great idea is to take into consideration the movement of the sun when you first pitch your tent.

Although being exposed to full sun during the day is rarely a problem, exposure to the sun at dawn can often mean waking early and feeling too hot inside the tent.

Figure out where the shade will be in the early morning and put your tent up there, so you enjoy a longer sleep without overheating.


4. Create an Awning

You can make shade during the day with nothing more than a length of string and a groundsheet. Tie the string between two trees or posts, and hang your groundsheet over it. Next, attach guy ropes to the corners of the sheet to create shade beneath. With an impromptu awning that takes seconds to adjust, you should be able to stay in the shade all day long – no matter where the sun is.


5. Aerate Your Tent

During the day, leave your tent door open to allow hot air out. Keep the vents open when you leave your tent unattended during the day. Another good idea is to invest in a tent fan. Battery-powered ones can make all the difference when they are in use.

The best ones run almost silently too – which means in the summer, they can be left on all night and won’t disturb your sleep.


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