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Back to Eden Gardening Set-Up Checklist
Back to Eden Gardening Set-Up Checklist

Back to Eden Gardening Set-Up Checklist

Setting up a Back to Eden garden is easier than ever with this free printable checklist! Get the PDF today!

Back to Eden Gardening checklist

If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know that we adore the Back to Eden Gardening Method and use it for our gardens, raised beds, orchards, and vineyards! It’s an amazing method that helps us grow tons of food with very little effort on the front end.

Harvesting and canning all the food we grow… now that’s another matter!

There are a lot of questions I get once people read my Beginner’s Guide to Back to Eden Gardening that are answered in that original post, but I thought a simple printable checklist might be helpful as people actually set up and use their Back to Eden garden!

If you are interested in growing your own food in a small area (or a large area), in a way that will relieve you from everyday watering or weeding, then this is the method for you!


Back to Eden Garden Checklist

As you set up and use your Back to Eden gardening beds, you may wonder how deep to plant, or when to water. This free printable checklist has everything you need all in one convenient location!

It even has a place for you to take your own notes as you progress!



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Back to Eden Gardening checklist

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