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Stephenie Courter

WELLBEING | Brilliant Books to Inspire Your Outdoor Adventures & Wellbeing

I love a good book and often pick up recommendations from the most unlikely of places. I usually have 3 or 4 books on the go at any one time and always take a book away with me on camping trips. Recently, I’ve read some brilliant books from some incredible authors, most of whom are female, so I thought I’d share them with you.

GLAMPING | Our Colorful Crazy Glamping Micro Wedding Featured by Rock n’ Roll Bride

Our cake designer described our cake as a “dinosaur disco wedding cake” which is a great introduction to the sense of playful irreverence we injected into our big (small) wedding day. Read on to find out all about our DIY glamping micro wedding held earlier this year.

Take Your Kids Ice Fishing This Winter

Looking for another way to get your kids outdoors this winter? Bundle them up and head out to a frozen lake for a day of ice fishing. This is the second year I’ve taken my toddler-age son hardwater fishing and each time we go, we’re able to stay out a little bit longer than before. Like any outdoor activity you introduce to your child, preparation is key along with setting realistic expectations. Here are four ways to make sure your kids have an enjoyable time while ice fishing.

How and When to Prune Your Christmas Cactus (and Why You Need to)

Wait, you’re supposed to prune these things? If you’re a Rural Sprout regular, then it’s probably safe to say you know I’m a huge fan of Christmas cactuses. And by Christmas cactuses, I mean all varieties of schlumbergera – no matter when they bloom; Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter.

Living Off-Grid on a Tiny House Homestead for 6 Years

Ariel has been homesteading and living off-grid in a 24′ x 8′ tiny house for 6 years! She grows, forages and preserves as much of her own food as possible.  She cuts her own firewood, carries her own water, generates electricity with solar, and cooks with propane. She is a passionate backpacker and wildlife photographer who works part-time on a ranch in exchange for a place to park her small home, and she also works a variety of jobs to earn money, although her expenses are very low since she isn’t paying rent – and since she managed to pay …