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Month: <span>July 2021</span>
Month: July 2021

Best Pollinator Plants

Pollinators are the backbone of our ecosystems and food systems, yet they struggle for survival in our modern, ever-changing world. These insects and small animals can use all the help they can get, making it essential we add something to our gardens to provide a little boost in their environment. Planting a few varieties of the best plants for pollinators can really help out. I’ll admit, when I first started gardening, I couldn’t justify planting “pretty flowers”, in the garden. We were really limited on space and I wanted to grow as much food as I could. So, while I …

GEAR | Powapacs ION Portable Solar Powered Camping Power Pack – Review

If you’re on the look out for something compact and portable that will keep your essential electrical devices charged on camping trips, you might want to consider the Powapac ION. Read on for our full review and verdict.   What is it?

Back to Eden Gardening Set-Up Checklist

Setting up a Back to Eden garden is easier than ever with this free printable checklist! Get the PDF today! If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know that we adore the Back to Eden Gardening Method and use it for our gardens, raised beds, orchards, and vineyards! It’s an amazing method that helps us grow tons of food with very little effort on the front end.

CAMPING | How to Stay Cool Under Canvas in Hot Weather – 8 Easy Tips

As the heat index climbs, and temperatures continue to soar, we thought we’d share some quick tips on how to stay cool when camping in hot weather. We’ve just got back from Antigua where we spent almost a week camping in a canvas tent on the beach. It was a fantastic experience and we’ll be sharing it with you soon, but oh boy, was it hot! The average temperature was 32°C and when the sun went down, the temperate barely dropped, leaving us sweltering – even in the early hours of the morning. This meant we had to quickly find …

Just Published: Illustrated Hammock Basics

Hey everyone! I want to announce I’ve published a new illustrated book on hammock basics! This is a much smaller, packable book that focuses on the essentials — great for those looking for bite-size info if you’re just starting with hammocks, and if you want to share the fundamentals with a friend. Paperback $8 at Now Available: Illustrated Hammock Basics

Be Prepared with the SOL Emergency Bivvy Bag

Be prepared for the unknown with the Emergency Bivvy Bag from Survive Outdoors Longer. You may be a seasoned outdoorsman, but never know when you might get lost, hurt, or stuck in bad weather, and you need some emergency shelter. These situations typically happen very quickly, and there isn’t often time to build a shelter. In a case like this, or if you find yourself needing additional shelter, this piece of gear could save you. This bivvy bag is made for emergencies: the color will make you visible to others and the whistle included will help you to be heard. …

Garlic Herb Compound Butter with Garlic Scapes

This garlic herb compound butter blend uses scapes from your garden instead of garlic cloves, but is still absolutely delicious and perfect on top of steaks or on bread. Compound butter is one of my favorite things to have on hand simply because it makes it so much easier to grab a pat and throw it on a cob of fresh sweet corn or atop a delicious grilled steak. We usually make it with cloves of garlic and some fresh herbs, but since I just harvested our garlic scapes, I wanted to use them up in a few different ways. …